Venus's Fall
As the heavens rose up with fury
Therefore bore the fallen one,
Soon venus lost its fawn, behold
Rose the deceiver and war begun.

All heard, hallowed word of heaven
O Archangel, draw out thy sword, Slit
The feathers that once were his pride
Beheld, the skies brimmed as stars fell.

Beneath the crust, in the hollow howls,
Chained, restrained, amidst sulphur.
Soaring peaks wailed agony, baneful
Soar a ravenous word, a chant, a cry.

Rose among the rebellious, a king
A fury, such as no heavens ever saw.
In raven's cloak, bones and flesh apart
Screech that shook ethereal pandemonium.

And behold sat venus, drapeth in scarlet
Silk, upon the hex's alter. Kneel down !!
Redecide, Rebuild, Reclaim, Thus bore
The fields of damnation and of all woes.

But a seed was sown to reap, mankind
First one pranced Eden's plains and soon
The mother of mankind, Tempter's first.
Ascended bane to the gates of Eden.

Soon bore mankind's woeful play, o
Serpent thou who slither upon the branch,
Thou who tempted mankind, thou who are
Laden with curse, thou who bore death.

© jude

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