Let the destinations blur, let the journey unfold,
For in every step you take, a new story is told.
Lower your gaze, find solace in the divine,
For in the depths of your soul, God's light will shine.

Change your fate, rewrite your destiny,
With courage as your guide, you'll find serenity.
Keep walking, don't look back,
For your companions are the footprints in your track.

You may not see it, but God is all around,
In the whisper of the wind, in the silence of the sound.
Look within, face your fears,
For in the midst of chaos, your purpose appears.

The lines on your palms, a map of your fate,
But with courage and faith, you can navigate.
Paint your world with the colors of your dreams,
For in the canvas of life, nothing is as it seems.

And when the evening comes, and darkness falls,
Fear not, for with you, the morning calls.
Together we walk, hand in hand,
Facing the unknown, in a world so grand.

So let the destinations blur, let the path unfold,
For in every step we take, a new story is told.
With courage as our guide, we'll find our way,
And in the journey of life, we'll seize the day.

I am your constant companion,
Through every trial and tribulation,
I will never leave your side,
In your darkest hour, I will be your guide.

Together we will face the storm,
And emerge stronger than before,
For I am the one who never fades,
I am the one who will always stay.

So trust in me, my dear friend,
For I am with you until the very end,
No matter where life may lead,
I will be there, fulfilling your every need.
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