A vicious cycle
It's a vicious cycle,
complacency, symptoms and detection,
prognosis, treatment and concerns,
and a lifetime of precautions.

It's natural to feel scared,
fear for the worst and prepare,
along with the pain and sufferings,
endured with regrets and acceptance.

But the therapy demands sacrifices,
facing the long term consequences,
even after recovery, needing due care,
with love and support of someone familiar.

Not all are the fortunate ones,
many more have just given up,
for, their life is much cheaper,
than the cost of those procedures.

So, the cycle continues,
every day, there's someone new,
even without any unhealthy habits,
as toxins have seeped in our surroundings.

And, we could only be the witness,
wondering the reasons of its progress,
blaming their lifestyle, presence of pollutants,
while their household, break in the process.

© Dr. Manish Rout