Tea and cartoons
A big TW for this one (p3d0philia)

"Never say no to an adult
And don't forget not to insult
You grew up in a good house
Act like it, be a little polite mouse"

My parents used to say to me
So what could i do when he
Said to me not to tell anyone
Staying silent was all i ever done

And i never knew what he did
Until i grew up and all this shit
Returned to me like a boomerang
As when i heard his belt clang

He came into my room
Said he would like to taste my tea
Never would i assume
How much it would've hurt me

Then he asked 'have you ever kissed?'
And my mind went blind
His lips were never missed
And i knew i had a secret to hide

Because i was just listening to what the adults said
The shadow of fear when he placed my hand on his..
All i could feel were my insides that bled
And that filthy f*cking kiss

(So this is based on an actual situation that happened to me when I was around 8 maybe younger when my parents invited two colleagues over and when I wanted to watch a cartoon with my parents. They said to me that they had guests so I can't. Which made sense but I still don't understand why they didn't get suspicious when one of the colleagues said that he will watch the cartoon with me. In my room. Only him and me. So it happened and I was basically just a child not knowing what was happening. I wrote it to therapeutically deal with some trauma I've been holding onto for so many years. Thanks for reading)

© Suzanne.