But in poetry ...
In English we say "I love you,"
But in poetry, we express it anew,
A friendship deep, a bond so true,
Yet he belongs to another, not you.

In the shadows of the moon's gentle light,
Your heart whispers secrets in the night,
A love unspoken,
kept out of sight,
Forbidden feelings, a silent plight.

His smile, a beacon in the storm,
His laughter, a melody,
But in your heart, a love takes form,
A love that's gentle, yet the norm.
So in the silence of your soul's embrace,

You cherish him, in a sacred space,
A friendship's love, a hidden grace, Forever bound in this delicate place,
Though he's can't be yours,
your love remains,

In poetry we say 'I Love You '
But a poet's heart, with bittersweet refrains,
In poetry's language,
love sustains,
A friendship's love,
where beauty reigns.

© jhimi