Is it cold in here or is it just the world?
I see you, but you look right through me
I call your name, but you never say a word
Am I getting through when I'm standing beside you?
My screams and shouts condense into a mystified sigh
For heavy is this empty heart of the eternally lonely
My stolen time in the otherside reflects my point of view
What I wouldn't give to live when all I'd wished for was to die
Now everything is so close yet so far out of my reach
And you're yet another that eludes my ethereal grasp
For these spaces between life and death I can never breach
As I watch you repeat every masochistic mistake from my past
These parallels echo like rusted chains wrapped around our damaged brains
Every indecision stings like a festering incision
Flames licking our wounds 'til nothing remains
Do you see me in the static of your television?
Do you hear my whispers on the other end of the line?
Do I ever cross the forests of your mind?
Do you feel my invisible fingers tracing along your spine?
Perhaps we're both out of time
Our suffering seems continual
You may not believe me, but I believe in you
My love for you is residual
Skies will fade to black then shine blue

© Obsidian_Asylum
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