Luminal Pages

In the quiet chamber of thought,
Where sunbeams pirouette upon parchment,
A seeker sits,
veiled in mystery,
Their visage obscured,
a secret kept.
Books, like ancient sentinels, stand guard,
Their spines etched with cosmic runes,
Whispers of forgotten realms and starlight,Promises of wisdom,
waiting to unfurl.
The sun, a benevolent conspirator,
Paints golden glyphs upon the pages,
Each ray an invitation to decipher,
To unravel the enigma of existence.
Behind the gray mask, a universe stirs,
Eyes alight with curiosity and wonder,
As if the very atoms conspire to reveal
The hidden truths woven into syllables.
And so, the seeker leans closer,
Their fingertips tracing constellations,
Transmuting ink into insight,
As the room hums with cosmic resonance.
**"Luminal Pages"**—a hymn to the seekers,To those who seek solace in the written word,
For within these quiet moments of study,
The universe whispers its secrets.
Is there anything else you'd like to explore,
my cosmic companion?
© JR2K6