Darling Delaney
Delaney by

When she closes her eyes she struggles to hear the wind
All she can reflect on is her each and every miserably unforgettable quality time
Sometimes things don't have to rhyme
As long as you understand the deception of time on the mind

She wonders she races, quickly paces in all to familiar places, still,
She's lost
Unable to forge the happiness neccasary to mend with out having to pay the cost
The price she pays in tears don't seem to be enough to relinquish her from the memories that corrupt the nightmares of her every last fear

Beautifully she smiles only to conceal the way she's made to feel
When her eyes deceive her she must close her eyes to realize what's not real
She sees a monster
Filled with hate
Her pain is not one any other can appreciate
For what it is
Is because of what was
Even though all that couldn't ever be was and will always be just Because.

Why!? she asks herself when crippled by hate
She fights to find the will needed to not suffocate
When she forgets to breath she holds back misery
For the darkness that indulges on her pain is her life's hysterical history

All that the world can't see
They can't know
Her mind remains a mystery
Dwellings of this type cause such dread from the undead
When they go in to the grave leaving behind memories better left unsaid

Who's to blame for her relentless shame ?
Disgusted with her name
She can't think of herself as anything but another player lost in the game
Her misfortunes infect her heart
And cause her spirit only pain 😢

© Christopher j. Jarman