Social Workers
Just a few short months ago,
Is when the pain began.
It wasn't something I understood.
Or could work out with a plan.
It came upon me, like a thief in the night,
Taking what it desired.
Now my life is not the same,
My children were taken by liars.
They call themselves social workers,
Who pounce on any wrong move.
Aren't we allowed mistakes in our lives,
Do we really have something to prove?
Why can't they go after the crack hoes,
Who never feed their kids, and
The men and women who spend that check
On things that God forbids?
Why does it have to be the ones who are raising their children alone?
Couldn't you have just talked to us,
Instead of removing them from my home?
You're wrong about me,
It's something you won't admit.
But here's a little truth for you,
I never met one of you,
I didn't want to hit.

© Kristin E. Porter