Yes, I don't obey you,
for the time I spent in self-pity made me despise,
every inch of my soul and yours in the line.
How long could I have been a victim now?
so you made me the villan,
The insatiable curse on you sent by the satan
so evil and surreptitious ugly as hell.
The odd one out and inconsiderate devil,
for I don't deserve happiness so you balance it with tears.
Ofcourse I'm the evil cause you're all my fears.
I'm jealous of the world for they found a home inside,
while I kept burning in suffocation when relief was the other side.
I was fine with pity since it was all I got,
I wonder doesn't ever guilt crawls up to your,
to shook you and make you see, how broken I have become.
To beg you and let you be atleast close to the epitome,
crying all alone in peace sounds horrible to me;
let their be an audience to pour love on thee.
I'm tired and exhausted if only you could see,
I'm dying slowly while peripheral moments were spent in glee.

© bhavya_sheisvintage