zip lip

as I sit shutting my mouth
the rage and irritation rises inside
boils over as I wanna rearrange her face
knowing the shit never stopped
I bite my tongue to tell the parasite
to fucking kick rocks
I don't wanna hear about your fucking life
I do not care about your fucking insides
I don't care about your visit with your kid
being a piss poor mother comes with consequences sorry if that to big of a word
for you to comprehend
I wish you would choke on your shit
tired of your voice so sick and tired of your presence wish you would kick rocks
the irritation boils within unlike
any other I don't care to conversate but for him I'll keep the peace cause I can be the bigger person I will sit in silence yet again but it's ok
I can maintain a huge headache but once I'm outta this town I will miss no one I speak for myself when I say this town and people are not made to be on this earth