Under golden rays. I awaken embraced by the morn's gentle light, A burst of pure energy eager to take flight.
Come on world bring it on let the wonders unfold. Unveil secrets beyond what the eye can behold. An abrupt kiss of sunshine enchanting and bright. Caresses my soul. Fills me with sheer delight.I surrender to its warmth. Let it seep deep within. Embracing the radiance. A dance that shall begin.The early morn's gift. An invitation to embrace. A symphony of colors painting joy on my face. With open arms. I embrace nature's sweet decree. As the universe whispers "Unleash your energy." In this tapestry of moments. I'm a vessel of grace. A conduit for dreams a canvas to embrace.Like a river unleashed I surge with pure might. Transforming existence. Igniting with celestial light.So let the golden sunlight awaken the fire. Within my being a burning desire.For I am alive fueled by nature's decree. A burst of pure energy. Destined to be free.

© Just_T_Baby