A mother reads to her child lying in bed at night,
of kingdoms borne from fantasy filled with light.
from a book written long ago by someone wise,
who saw the world alive through glowing eyes.

Looking upon a landscape of shadows in abundance,
which disappear beneath their light-filled presence.
Attracting small creatures from burrows underground,
where they once lived in darkness that did abound.

Venturing out into a world alive with color everywhere,
as flowers burst from beneath for the open air.
Filling it with scents that enticed people to romance,
while passion filled their hearts as they did dance.

With music heard playing upon a gentle breeze,
carried from far away across endless blue seas.
As travelers arrived in search of unknown adventure,
bringing new changes that in existence did assure.

Providing a medium for growth to nurture dreams,
so children may have opportunity without extremes.
becoming the best possible so they might achieve.
something others think is great in which to believe.

© Renopoet

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