i am only loved at night
it was night again
the crickets can be heard singing
the streams, flowing
the birds not hooting for it’s not morning.
And I laying in bed with a stranger
one I thought I knew better
the man I met few days back.
his tongue a swift of words filled with lie,
sweetened to cause a twirl between thigh
his hands holding un to my femininity
grasped without a care for my sensitive skin
his lips caresses my shoulders, his teeth clenched
as he makes smooching sounds, curling his fingers
“you’re beautiful” the words he’d never say in the morning.
for I am only loved in dim lights, or at night
different stranger same danger
he knows my body, but not me
not the roughness on my skin
or the burns or the scars
i know, when morning comes he’d be gone.

© Drunken2004