behind the closed doors.
In public, we're just friends, a bond so strong,
A connection that's pure, yet not where we belong.
But in private, the truth is revealed,
Our hearts beating as one, our love concealed.
The whispers in the night, the touch that ignites,
The laughter, tears, and dreams that fill our nights.
The moments we steal, the glances we share,
The secrets we keep, the love that's beyond compare.
In this sacred space, our hearts are free,
To love, to laugh, to live, to be.
No judgments, no expectations, no fears,
Just us, our love, and the tears that bring us near.
So let us cherish this intimate space,
Where friendship and love entwine in a sweet embrace.
For in the quiet moments, we find our truth,
And our love becomes a work of art, a masterpiece in youth.
May our love story unfold in whispers and stolen glances,
May every moment shared become a cherished secret in silence.
And when the world outside fades away,
May our love shine bright, guiding us through each new day.
© S.P