Crush that distance can't hide
Across miles and oceans wide,
A crush that distance can't hide.
Virtual whispers, digital grace,
Yet, in the heart, a tangible trace.

Screens may separate, but hearts align,
In the realm of pixels, feelings entwine.
Words traverse the virtual space,
Carrying the essence of a distant embrace.

Nights adorned with shared moonlight,
Though physically apart, hearts ignite.
A constellation of hopes in the night sky,
For a time when distance will say goodbye.

Patience becomes a companion true,
As time zones challenge the rendezvous.
Yet, in the waiting, a connection deep,
A long-distance crush, secrets to keep.

Through pixels and waves, emotions soar,
A symphony of longing, an unseen rapport.
In the vast expanse, a crush takes flight,
Defying distance, in the realm of night.
© basnett
#love #crush