Nature's Beautiful Sounds
The long dim shadows,
Of surrounding trees,
The hooting sound of an owl,
With enchanting whispers of the breeze,

Listening to nature's beautiful songs. Performed quite naturally. In various ways. Sometimes sung in concerts, within woven tapestries.These creations of nature sing to alert the revolving world.That she is alive when her vocals talents are heard. An example is the hooting female owl performing high in the tree.Her sharp talons attached to branches twisted around the bush. Sounds heard far away like a continual push. Hooting female owls, if you didn't know, maintains a spiritual essence, of transformation and rebirth. Female owls are sharing a gift with the curious world. Her echoing repeating sounds. Her large eyes opened wide. Glaring around with binocular vision, processing information with both eyes. The owl is a curious creature with a binocular hearing that process sounds in both brain hemisphere. A pin drop heard miles away. The female leaves its nest and fly away. Into the direction of that specific sound. Her eyes searching. Pinpointing the prey, swooping down with her sharp talons outstretched. Hovering over in a circular motion. Then the female owl with her capture, returns to her nest, Nature's beautiful sounds
© Daniel Mason