mother's day poem for Jean
To Jean your the only mom who made me who I am today.

You have helped me grow to be an amazing mom and wife.

You have watched me cry and rise to pick up the pieces with your wise words.

You have seen my depression and worse moods and loved me anyway.

You know my life was unfair, and you don't blame me for my bad attitude.

I gave you grandkids you can see whenever you want.

I watched you shine and glow with thier love surrounding you.

I watched us smile, laugh, and talk about the kids and their funny moments.

We eat home cooked meals and sit outside and watch the kids play.

We grew together since then and now we have a better relationship than anyone else.

Happy one month early mother's day don't forget to praise yourself today.

Always smile, never let a bad day take your shine away.

Don't change you are, if I have never asked you to change.

Thank you, for giving me your son, because without him, I would have never met you and be me today.