Creepy Silence
The days too eventually fell silent,
No sounds, not even by the crows,
All you could hear was the sound of,
Fear knocking on the doors.

The sound of silence were echoing
from hallway one and moving
from one person and counting
I'm agitated, I feel like panicking.

Help, I'm going crazy,
I no longer feel cozy,
I even felt dizzy,
staying in this room while you were all busy.

I'm screaming my lungs off,
I feel this situation is tough,
It's creepy vibes lead me to cough,
and that broke the silence off.

Once I broke the silence,
A bullet strikes at me and I have no defense.
It never made any sense
That with one single sound which broke the silence.
I'll be killed without vengance.

I saw my spirit separate,
leaving my body to just evaporate
Leaving no single evidence, I guess this is my fate,
Leaving my fake friends who found out I was dead and my death, they now celebrate.
© adelrey