Boldly Reveal Effervescent Eternity
(inspired by Bree)

Are we not all caught up in this immaculate game called romance?
Where two wandering souls come together for that sensual dance?
The blood leaves the brain and rushes the loins for this amazing chance
To fill up both veins that Heaven reveals in a mere moment's glance!


Is it not within Divine Providence for this feeling to last forever?
When the climax has ended and we lay body to body cuddling together?
Does God want us yearning moment to moment for that next encounter
So the magical bliss of sexuality can continue and love will be there?

Yes, but

Does it have to be so brief and berift of moaning and gyrations?
Is not it plausible that every meeting is met with like immaculations?
After all we are all humans longing for likewise endearing companions
And strive to find maximum everlasting release even if by death's persuasions!

And so

We find those chemicals and natural forces finding extreme long lasting joys
Seeking more and more intense pleasures the unique way employs.
The flavor of the moment may not be as important as the feeling girls or boys
But both sexes will agree the real thing will always be much better than toys!

© I Am MichAel