Whispers of the night
The moon with each gentle step
Wrapping it's radiance around me
Like the angel she is, like the angel you are
A beautiful grace shimmering in the lost hope.

Like the stars with the moon,
In the tapestry of their love, ignites our soul
As the moon and the stars enchant the night sky
Their gentle steps wave across the cosmic light.

Shadows waltz under the silver tune
Embracing the night, just like we do
As the dance prolongs,
the moonlight lingers as the sun abides.

Our silhouettes whisper,
Among the gentle darkness
Eclipsing tomorrow and today
My darling, we stay.

Maybe our love resembles the constellations
Waiting patiently for one's embrace
Balancing the story we created
Influencing the whispers of the night.
© Nyra