The devil's Dance 💃
Late at night, underneath the covers' in each other's embrace,
Enjoying the devil's dance, in a secret space.
Whispers of mischief in the quiet air,
A clandestine rendezvous, an affair so rare.

There in the hush of darkness, where fantasies bloom,
Underneath the covers, in the silent room
Passions flicker in a rhythmic flow.
And as mysteries linger, scared secrets are told.

The moon cast its light through the window's lace,
Waiting for twilight to drop her curtains, and wipe the shadows from our face
During the devil's dance, a midnight romance,
Beneath the covers, where passions enhance.

As stars twinkle, a mischievous glance,
Savoring the sweetness of the devil's dance.
In the quiet hours, where secrets entwine,
Late at night, a rendezvous divine!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo