Where shall i wander without you.
Laughter echoes, a symphony of joy,
Seeking solace, without you I am coy.
In this vast expanse, where shall I wander?
Longing for your presence, my heart grows fonder.
A realm uncharted, void of desire,
For in your absence, my soul feels dire.
Like crumbling walls at my desperate plea,
Come to me, my love , set me free
Without you, a world bleak and forlorn,
Your gaze transformed it, love was born.
My heart aflame, consumed by devotion,
Embers ignited by my soul's commotion.
Where should I go, forsaken and astray,
In this realm, yearning for you every day.
Having entered this world, my desires altered,
Without you, incomplete, my heart falters.
Loneliness enveloped, a desolate place,
Until your eyes met mine, love's embrace.
This world found solace within your sight,
My sighs resounded, igniting love's light.
Where should I go, without you, my dear?
Where should I go, overcome by fear?
In this vast expanse, yearning I remain,
For you, my love, my heart's eternal flame.