A boy, A man, A outcast, most would say theres a difference between the 3 but in my case I dont find that so true. To be apart of a family so based on “loyalty” and “love” but to still be treated differently from everyone else, how does it feel honestly pretty fucking horrible but as a “man” I must hide that pain behind a smile and laugh and I must put my pride aside and act as if its nothing I must always keep my cool and thug it out, but as a boy on the inside the pain grows into hatred, hatred for the ones you love most to beg for attention to beg for love and to still be treated as an “outcast” its a hard thing really but over time it gets easier you might think but that is not the case the truth is the more and more you see how much worse and worse the ones who are meant to “love” you are willing to treat you the closer and closer one is pushed to “The edge”. The edge of a cliff with no end in sight it makes you wonder if I was to jump off would I die?, would I thrive?, would I survive? But in the end the cliff is a scary place because once you jump off there is no climbing back up there is no return its just falling and wondering will there ever be an end? will I ever hit the bottom and be rewarded with a new land? or will I hit the ground and splat as if I were a ant getting squashed by the boot of a cruel man known as life.

© Joshua Parks