Girl power
In the realm of freedom, let girls soar,
Their dreams unfurl, forevermore.
For they are the flames, wild and bright,
Igniting the world with their radiant light.

No chains shall bind, no shackles confine,
Their spirits fierce, their hearts divine.
For in their hands, lies destiny's key,
To carve their path, bold and free.

Let them dance to the rhythm of their own beat,
With every step, their passion they'll meet.
For they are the architects of their own fate,
Masters of their journey, early or late.

No man shall dictate, no voice shall command,
Their voices rise, a chorus grand.
For they are the voices of truth and grace,
Empowered beings, claiming their space.

Let them soar high, like birds in flight,
With wings of courage, they'll reach new heights.
For they are the warriors, brave and bold,
Breaking barriers, fierce and untold.

So let them be free, in mind and in soul,
With every dream, they'll reach their goal.
For they are the daughters of stars and skies,
Boundless and infinite, they'll always rise.
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