Childhood Memories
#WritcoPoemPrompt49 @AtulPurohit
The days of slate and chalk,
Are not easy to erase,
They hold memories,
Of my childhood,

Three little brats,
exploring the lands,
turn away for a second
crying out loud
thorns and brushes

Background the oldest
looks for the youngest
giving themselves a challenge
The OLDEST target
picked up one and
the burning down the
rummage down the hill
back to Mom

Blueberry pie!
Wanted to surprise her
the next day off to the
Oh no!
We are lost, climbing a tree
seeing the bear!
Proctect the younger brother
breaking the rules, pushing
them in front
we trashing through
the door
dog pile in the

Mommy is livid mad!
I got us back safe though!
We sit in the livingroom with
our dogs

Some favorite memories
from my
© Ann Doerwald