In the canvas of the sky, a masterpiece unfolds,
As the sun bids farewell, its story yet untold.
Oh, how I love the sunsets, a sight so divine,
Where endings and beginnings gracefully intertwine.

The colors dance, a symphony of hues,
Painting the horizon with breathtaking views.
From golden amber to shades of crimson and pink,
Each stroke of the sun's brush, a magical link.

In this celestial theater, my heart finds reprieve,
As worries and troubles begin to recede.
For in the sunset's embrace, a truth is revealed,
That even in endings, beauty can be healed.

The sun's descent, a gentle reminder it imparts,
That from every ending, hope still imparts.
The day may bid adieu, but the promise remains,
Of new beginnings emerging from life's refrains.

As the sun dips below the horizon's embrace,
A tranquil serenity envelops this sacred space.
The world holds its breath, in awe and in peace,
As the sunset's beauty grants a moment's release.

And so, I cherish these sunsets, a gift to behold,
A reminder that even in endings, stories unfold.
For within the twilight's glow, hope finds its way,
A beautiful ending, mending hearts day by day.

In the tapestry of the sky, the sun's final bow,
I find solace, as dreams begin to grow.
For the sunset's allure, a testament so true,
That beauty can emerge from endings, anew.

© Alary Thalia