when you kissed me
Rainy night it was!
we two were caught in the cab,
After long date of seperation
we were restless!
We were about to start afresh!
I looked at you,
You were looking ravishing!
Drops of rainwater were glistening on your lips..
You were shivering in cold,
so we're your wet lips!!
We were thirsty although there was rain outside.
I took you in my arms
your dress was wet and stuck to your body!
You closed your eyes!
and was waiting for the next with fast breathing!
I let my lips to suck yours!
suck as if they are thirsty for years!
we kept on kissing deeply
don't know for how long!
those soft lips were licked and eaten
by me,oh! it was such a pleasure!
Having you in my arms with our lips locked together!
Is this less than any fairy tale??
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