"Whispers of a Shattered Dream"
In the night filled with pain, a hidden ache in my heart,
The journey of love, a dream that tears apart.

Infinite love, lost in a moment's embrace,
Significance vanished, leaving a void in its trace.

Thought of you as my home, my faithful mate,
In a blink, turned estranged, revealed the twist of fate.

I believed from my heart, you'd always be near,
Yet, the universe played its game, making love disappear.

In the beats of my heart, a desire concealed,
You made it a stranger, a sorrow revealed.

In the depths of love, lost I became,
You were there, yet a stranger, life's cruel game.

People claimed you were my steadfast ally,
Played with the danger of hearts, in the heavy night sky.

Lost in painful thoughts, I drifted alone,
In the solitude, remaining only with memories of our own.

In the depth of the night, hidden were words unsaid,
The saga of love shattered, a broken dream thread.

A world of dreams, filled with hopes so high,
With certainty in my heart, in your absence, I lie.

© _gottaloveruhii