His Mistress
His mistress

Painting on the wall,
With my flawed outfit.
All my thoughts in one piece of art,
Yet his love not so very much like my thoughts.

It's scattered there and here.
She came first and,
I second.
Unknowingly I fell.

Her beauty is in this world and,
Her eyes are off not diamonds and pearls.
She smiles like a nugget and,
Doesn't comfort him that much.

She is the exact opposite of perfection.
We are the same but,
Complete opposites.
I reek of perfection.

I am good to him,
Better than her in almost everything.
He says his love is divided into two,
And his heart too.

And that if one of us leave , his heart is not complete.
I am his better half but,
She is the most loved half.
I stand behind her.

She comes first and,
I come after her.
It is love but,
Why do I feel like his mistress?
© Mine Vitan