Euphony of Nature

In nature's embrace, my heart finds peace,
Where gentle melodies of life release.
Morning dewdrops sparkle like diamonds rare,
A symphony of tranquility fills the air.

The birds, they sing in harmonious delight,
Their melodies soothing, painting the light.
And as the cuckoo joins with its tranquil tone,
A peaceful charm in nature's grand throne.

In rain's embrace, I twirl and dance free,
With each drop, a joyous melody.
The sea-waves beckon with a blissful call,
A moment of pure ecstasy, above all.

Spring's flowers bloom, a vibrant delight,
A kaleidoscope of colors, a wondrous sight.
Nature's canvas painted with serene grace,
A masterpiece that time cannot erase.

Honeybees sip nectar with gentle grace,
A delicate ballet within nature's embrace.
Snowflakes in descent, a soft touch of lace,
A winter's kiss, a moment of solace.

Cold winds whisper secrets, as they roam,
Nature's wonders, my heart finds home.
In harmony with the world, I am at peace,
Nature's euphony, a melody that will never cease.

Tayabba Sheikh.