Banana Peel
have you ever noticed that when a banana comes out of its peel,
the peel quickly loses it color,
turns to darkness.
i think im starting to relate to the banana peel,
heart ripped out from my body at a young age,
forcing my life to lose color,
to lose my childhood,
to lose my innocence,
to lose my mind.
i wonder if the peel feels like i do,
like it lost the person it thought was its soulmate.
like it’s soulmate got up and left, completely fine,
leaving the color to fade,
i feel like that too,
sometimes i want to hide away,
i don’t want people to see my shades of grey,
and my lens of black and white
i shut people out because of how i was abandoned.
i didn’t ask for this to happen,
i guess they were just hungry for something more