Echoes of the Heart
The line between the online and offline worlds is very thin. On one side, we follow people we've never met, while on the other, we mentally and emotionally unfollow those who have shared our lives, stood by us when no one else did, and were ready to explore the universe with us. Isn't that someone you? Are we focusing more on our online presence rather than our inner peace and growth? This isn't the real us.

"Being kind" is important, but what about being true to ourselves? "Be you" is fine, but what about "Be who you want to be"? Casual greetings like "Hey! What's up dude?" are common, but what about the heartfelt calls from those who truly care, saying, "Come back soon, my child"?

Where is humanity heading? Towards the right or the left, online or offline, towards playing in the rain or on electronic media? The answer is simple: it's not about any generation or social media. It's about us—the humans who have lost patience and desire everything instantly.

When we speak of patience, we must honor our parents, who built their relationship on trust and innocence without having seen each other beforehand. That's how trust and beliefs are built, and how love is defined.

But what is love, really? Is it sitting in separate places and seeing each other? Exchanging thoughts? Discussing likes and dislikes? Following and unfollowing each other? Perhaps all of these in a superficial way.

True love is built on the pure essence of trust, formed without knowing each other's dislikes or thought processes, and staying together regardless of the situation, even if the universe doesn’t acknowledge it. Living a loving life isn't easy for everyone, but it's rooted in the commitment: "We have been there for each other and always will be."

Things are simple. The world remains the same. Pictures are still perfect. Which side of the coin we choose determines our destiny. We know what’s harmful, yet we crave it.

Patience is power, power comes with peace, and peace comes from within. We should learn from the past instead of rushing towards an uncertain, chemically altered tomorrow.

This is how we flow with life, with the flying clouds. Be human. Before anyone else, you need yourself at your best and worst. Be the reason someone believes in goodness, freshness, kindness, and love. Shine from within, inside and out.

And remember, the most beautiful journey you can take is the one that leads you back to yourself.

© Suh