great sex

Great sex

I never had great sex
What is that?
What does it look like?
I never experienced
Anythin like that
But I want to…

I wanna have incredible orgasms
With someone who adores me
Who has patience with me
I want that intimacy lasts forever

But will I ever get it?
Would I?
I can only hope

With a man who’s naked
As I am,
I rather say fuckin

Cos fuckin is the best word
For lovemakin
For strokin
I don’t care
It’s the best word ever….

Lovers be doin
The most fuckin
All this lust comes out of their bones…

Speed, heavy, climax
Breathin kisses, moanin screamin
Doesn’t matter what position is,

Lovers who are into each other
May have the greatest sex of all time…
Sometimes they don’t…

I highly expect to have
An unbelievable beautiful sex
In the world…skin to skin
Bone to Bone…yet I shouldn’t get
Those high expectations,
Cos what if

Great sex goes to boredom
And there’s no love and passion
No energy….it just be two bodies
Strokin without emotion

That’s not good….

I never had great sex
I imagine it….
I want it
Gets me horny…

🍭🧸💕🫂🫶🏾❣️💯😘😍♥️©️ Kai C. 4-21-24
© Kai C..