Black is not color
it is a feeling
of warmth and comfort
a representation of inner serenity
it is not sad, anxious, gory or depressed
those are exaggerated beliefs

Black is elegance at it's peak
not rebellion or an object to signify demoralization
you, yes you in the fluffy pink attire how has your bright rainbows diminished your sadness, frustration and anxiety

Black is beautiful
when you reach for your sunset yellow silhouette and summer hat to cycle round the block
i reached for a black hoodie, grey sneaks and long walks

Black is art, culture, style and memory
it gives meaning to existing pallette casting an awesome shadow
Black is communication, thoughts, assumptions and decision
not an outburst of existential crises

Black is love, romance, passion, ecstasy and intimacy
Black is humour and intelligence
Black is sophistication

i am not sad, I'm in my safe and happy place
I'm in Black!
I'm Black!
© irkel