Open Arms
Wanting to love
But nobody to give love to
Watching everyone else in the fragile balance of a relationship
While I stand here empty handed and full hearted

They lay on the roof together
Watching the stars
While i'm at the bus stop alone
only watching cars

Arms wrapping around each other in a warm embrace
His hands wiping tears gently off her face
But it feels like i'm aloft in this never ending space
With no one around to make me feel safe

The sunset’s beautiful this evening
Not too far away, heads lean on shoulders
Two pairs of eyes watching the vibrant sky in wonder
While I sit here and ponder

Mutual trust and respect between the two
But all I feel is disrespect and neglect
Feeling jealous of their chemistry
While no one’s here to start this science project with me

I stay up late, thinking back to back
They stay up late, texting back in forth
Feeling like the world’s going backwards
While their relationship is allowed to go forward

I’ve never felt more alone
The 7th shoe without another to make a pair
© Rynne