The rain, The sun and... meddler
The dancing rain, with a breath of cold
Whispers to the moon, leave me alone

The moon didn't flinch, too arrogant to sway
The sun who heard all that, gently made way

Rain had choosen, it would want the sun
but not before listening to moon's made up puns

Only after the end, with sun it'll unite
Until the very end, the moon will own the might

As the rain decides, she wants the moonly charades
the lesser for starters, the better one..left to feel scarcer

Sun with knowing all that, feels empty as it shall
the price of being silent and understanding, the hopes of hoping bad

The evil that's known as destiny, it then comes to mind
thy shall always be alone, maybe it's what i shall pry

With no meanings to life, too many burdens to cry
Someone please bless me with a misfortune, too big to divide

With that i shall pass away, as i do not wish to remain
The empty shell that's me, that...what's left to remain
© oneLastBreeze