It finally hit me,
Consequences so fair.
I've tried to ignore
This shame that i wear.

Complacent in life.
Fucked me up in the end.
Stacked my own cards against me,
In a way I couldn't contend.

How can i bring it all back?
Impossible in a way.
Not what you think, but believe,
My old mentality in decay.

To work this hard for a passion,
Is worth more than a salary.
Keep the past in the past,
Don't revisit that gallery.

How do I forgive myself?
When I already knew better.
To right the wrongs I have made,
Take off this proverbial sweater?

Prove my worth to my circle,
Though they already know.
Stop beating myself up,
While I'm attempting to grow.

Growth won't come easy,
Sacrificing want for my need,
I've spent so long stalling,
It's time to make myself bleed.

Work hard, don't hold back,
Your salvations at stake.
What you do is important,
With actions you can't shake.

Life hasn't been easy,
Determined to come out on top.
What's another small setback,
When you won't quit or stop.

© Miss Messica