Who's at fault?
Touch, as your fingernails gently graze my skin,
Eliciting sensations unfelt within.
Loved—I knew this feeling for the first time,
A masterpiece of emotions, so sublime.
When I held you firmly against my chin,
The outside world faded, allowing love to begin.

Heard, as you let me rant for over half an hour—
Your kind silence, a source of comforting power.
Your eyes wide open, without uttering a word,
Understanding depths of stories unheard.
Seen, as your heartwarming smile coaxed my face to grin,
In that moment, I knew a love so genuine.

Our love has come to blossom; our hearts have synchronized,
In rhythm and harmony, our souls entwined.
In each other's arms, warm summer days turn to blissful starry nights,
A love so pure, an endless, captivating delight.

When you walk into a room,
Like a sunbeam, wrapping away the gloom.
The atmosphere suddenly changes,
As your presence rearranges,
Your cheer saturates the air,
Bathing everything with a warmth so rare,
As every molecule is invaded
By your brilliant light, love has pervaded.

Holding hands, we gaze at the horizon,
Together, facing the future, our love unison.
Your head leaning on my shoulder,
Finding solace in our love, making life bolder,
The dark clouds finally gone,
In your embrace, finding love to lean upon.
For you took away my grief and freed me from my prison,
Releasing me from anguish, our love arisen.
We've shared a bitter cup,
Both ex-convicts of Fate, love's eruption disrupts.
We've found ourselves in love,
Our souls soaring, joined in love's grand dance, above.
Finally redeemed, our love shines, esteemed.

As the sun sets,
Golden rays succumb,
To the night's dark clouds,
A canvas of darkness, unveiling love that astounds.
The heavens devour,
All light's notorious forms, love's power.
And finally,
The world's true,
Beauty can be seen,
In the depths of our love, a wondrous sheen.

Is it my fault to love people with my whole heart?
Or just theirs who don't return it back, a love torn apart?