The Two Worlds
The two worlds
That would never intersect
Extremely opposite
But always there together
And Rarely noticed by anyone
One filled with simplicity
And yet called mannerless
Just because they don't care what others think
They are assumed to be shameless
They might wear clothes the other world would never
But they carry their heart with full care
They might sweat and smell
But that shows they earned that day's bread
Their world doesn't know how air conditioner works
And the other world prefers to smirk on simplicity
They do wear expensive clothes with their mask on
This world believes in being grounded But being on the cloud nine at the same time
God never created two worlds
He made one
Its us who divided the two
One swirls on screen
But the other still juggles between outdated buttons
Carrying it with whole pride
And never trying to show off ..
Their straight forward tongue
That doesn't understand the power of sugarcoated words
Is often seen as the shadow of their filthy heart
Though they try to enter the other world
Attracted by its shine without knowing the utter chaos
Is it even worthy to leave their tranquility
And enter the chaotic world
Where happiness is shown but never felt
Where money is the judging criteria
Where stones rule the heart
Where shoes shows your so called status
Though I belong to this world
I still want to read the faces
That strives in other world
Because my heart feels their solitude and happiness
But my mind wants shimmer

© intrepidwallflower