My Night Has No More Songs
I walk and walk past the sloping hills,
They float in my dreams.
It is dark, swallowing everything.
In the milky blue haze,
I rear up to look beyond it,
But everything is hazy.

You, the distant traveler,
Seem happy with stolen dreams.
A natural avant-gardist, but a thief,
Your shoulders will never touch the sky.

You stole my night's songs and lullabies,
Every melody , radiant hope
No more songs left,
No shield, no sword,
No prayer flag for my weary soul.

Goodbye, hills, goodbye, dream slayer.
I no longer need you.

But I am standing on my tiptoes
To see beyond the distant plains.
It is covered in fog, shutting out my view.
My legs are heavy,
Making it difficult to move forward.
But I see the luminous country
Where I will be lost .

© L o s t S o u l