Learn To Be Honest With Yourself
There's a book that said,
Before you demand anything from others
Learn to be honest with yourself.

I've learn most of our demands
Come from insecurities,
hurts that need remedies,
Beliefs not fully believed,
So we look for the missing piece
Yet we put it on others
To give what we want,
When the idea of what we want
Are flawed themselves.

I've learned they come from
Seasons our identity lacked tangibility
& the power of consistency,
So we demand from expired Impulses
Exhausting someone else to keep Alive
what we've let go off subconsciously
Moving on from that version of ourselves.

I've learned self honesty
is one of the biggest problems,
We are not what we truly pen,
And mirrors tend to give a glimpse,
While the mind gives another glimpse,
So we fear it, For it sees through us,
Exposing we are not better than what we dislike.

But the picture only makes sense,
When we actually use the silence
To silent the hounds blocking
The place we need to be to see.
Pushing Passed the defence mechanism
Sarcasm, humor, avoidance,
False truth & The abuse of substance.
And reflect on the paint that
Actually colors our canvas
And call it what it is to truly heal.
Because deep down
we know what needs to go
And what needs to remain.

What we demand in others,
Do we demand in ourselves?
A question worth Indulging
To know the places that need help.
It won't be easy, but it'll serve you in the end,
Freedom and dreams fulfilled
will be the fruits you taste.
Confidence in the skin that holds you,
A divine home to appreciate.

© fruitfulodyssey