to digress
I'd look at you for days wondering
What goes on in your head
What are your flaws
What do you desire
Trying to read you from a mile away
But I do understand my desires
Left in solutide
But confronted with a bleek hope of a dream
A dream of us
But it won't be easy
Whether through necessity or desire I might demand your attention
We might scare each other
Get angry at each other
But when we take of our masks to reveal our flaws and vulnerability prevails we will find the truth and meaning
To understand my dreams of us and coming to understand yours
This is Hers ❤️
Wherever she is
Whoever she is
Whether she is and will be

I ponder, while quitely looking at the night sky with a blunt in hand and the last of my dreams and wishes ready to let go...................

© rollieee