Pain, you don't know how hard it is

waking every fucking day

I am so tired about this shit

pain, please just leave me alone

tell me what I did wrong

emptiness is killing me

I am so tired of being here

don't feel any progress

so I will go and take some rest

it is getting harder to pretend

but I will keep doing my best

gotta keep faking

even if I'm so tired of pretending

and when I'm gone

please don't tell you didn't know

so tired of trying

and always failing

hate of being alone

just want to go home

you may think I'm dumb

but I couldn't care less about your thoughts

you never knew me

so please shut the fuck up

and when I'm gone

don't say that you cared about me

why coming when it is too late?

so please don't say that you regret

get the fuck out of here

and let my soul rest in peace

I may had hell as life

but now I'm in the eternal life

© Keyshlian Hernández