Broken soul

Standing at the edge of reality and disbelief
A broken soul shivers deep
it is drowning in the ocean of regret
and it won't believe in the posibility of change

it is sad and lonley everywhere
it has no idea if it belongs anywhere
of itself still very aware
but not quite feeling very well

tells you it feels great always
but you see it going down the hallways
and it is looking all ways
for long days, and days

it trys to look happy
when it actually feels truly crappy
most of the times it wants to leave
so that it doesn't have to worry
about how it is precieved

but it still wants to believe
that there is a piece of hope
somewhere in this broken world
and that heaven
is not that far away anyway

but this shattered heart and soul
deep scaars and regrets allover
but it still can't cry
it is not allowed

so it obsesses over
trying to stay strong and not fall apart
not now
not ever

it believes others have it lower
and it drowns in that old pullover
an old riped white wool pullover
witch is still it's favourite after all this time

cause it can hide behind the thik material
sinking in its own thoughts of funerals
wearing black and oversized thoughts
over its appearance

so that you can't see the old
the old white riped wool pullover
which has been lieing underneath the layers
for ages
and ages

But its slowly becoming summer
and the layers to thik to handle
people stop lighting the candle
it is warm
so hot

and the black oversized layers
keep it to warm and to sweaty
it has to ripp them off
before they desintedrate and leave it standing

it is just to much
to much hiding behind black layers
to many disguises
and it is unable to resist

so the broken soul drowning deep
swimms back up and ripes the sleeves
it is already so much better

but to unleash
all the layers of black oversized funerals
will still take a while to get of
but still
riping of the thik black sleeves
is still a begining

for a broken soul
to come back and glow

© DenisTelemaris