Lost in time,
weaved with memories,
It was but an old building,
Not from same home but we were dressed the same way,
From the ties buried under our collars,
the coloured socks and black shoes,
the shirts with badges all over,
And urrrgh!! to the inks of the markers on the whiteboard........

The strict teachers with their boring rules,
The funny teachers that causes us to smile,
Yeah...😂!..the boring ones that thought they were actually funny....
To the class clowns that gave up their grades,
Just to make us smile, we ain't forget about y'all,
To the teachers we feared but pretended we didn't,
To the class gossips and constant quarrels,
To those that dated and thought they were gonna get married 😂
To the daily contribution for a lap of seasoned chicken,
To the Saturday classes we attended just to play football,
To the couples that took delight in empty classes🌚😎
To "if you know you didn't submit your assignment, stand up"😂😮‍💨

The school buses with its horn,
Cheers to us that were mocked for using the bus,
To those who ate their food behind the school,
To those that escaped "4- 6 lessons"
To those who risked their life to play football against another,
They were to pay on Monday in front of the whole school 😂😂
To the class concerts that lifted the spirit of the school,
To the head boy that wasn't good in maths🌝
To the head girl that the juniors despised🌚
To the free periods we wasted on conversations,
To the everything we called memories....we miss you💔

And lastly to those that died at that young age...we love you and we ain't forget about y'all 🕊️😭💔❤️

Well ask about it...."it's just an old building "


© Isaac Jimoh Samuel