Draped in Pink
I saw a pink deer afar
When I kept my window ajar,
I thought I was dreaming
As it had no meaning,
While I slowly came closer
It was clear to be a poser,
An angel draped in pink
It made me think.
Was I feeling light?
Was I feeling better?
It didn't even matter
As the place got brighter
The sun rays fell on her face,
I was stunned and in a daze
Her beauty was uncomprehended,
My five senses just blended
She knelt down with a smile,
I was sitting there immobile.
She touched my chin
Was I committing a sin?
Kissing me on my lips
She gave me pleasure in sips
'Cause all my pain subsided
When our worlds collided.
I sat there mesmerized
Was she my saviour disguised?
Again it made me think,
When I saw an angel draped in pink.
© Debojyoti Bhattacharya