Prison greens to newer dreams
Pen a poem about the ONE who gave way to fulfill your desire to write.

A little time ago now
I was sentenced to serve a little prison time
I was shattered but went about my day
As I sat i wondered as I prayed in dealing finding some peace of mind
To write about how I was feeling
Helped with taking away the thoughts of where I was today
I was approached by another prisoner
asking what i'm writing
I answered" a little therapy of poetry that wasn't too exciting "
He seemed happy as he asked "could you please write a poem for my daughters upcoming birthday"
I replied yes "but what would you like for me to say "
We spoke for a little then he went on his way
I kept writing finishing the man's daughter's birthday poetry card
I then went to find him
And eventually finding him walking the prisons exercise yard
I approached him
Asking" would you like me to read what I wrote "
Replying" yes"
He was struck in awe with every word i spoke
Shed a tear
Thanking me saying "I'm a good bloke "
It wasn't until then that I believed what I had
Bringing a hardened criminal to tears of feeling sad
From words that I wrote
From my heart I had spoke
Finding a passion in all of my poems , stories and my quotes.
© #johnny75