I've been up, down and around
I caught the flu twice and achoo
I done seen mean turn to nice like the weather where I'm from
I can't even sigh, sad, how some people are too conscious to smile
like running away from wrinkles
but end up chasing a smile
finding a hug like running into the sun
finding a companion while slicing onions
reminiscing back when it was easier to cry

6pm in Durbanville
that morning I had woken up my body was very still
stroke up early
my outlookers in Sandery,
said, "boss wake up", it was very scary
I managed to maneuver my spirit back to terra
My eyes filled up with terror,
A glimpse of trauma flashed before me
My condolences to those who I hurt before
I felt hopeless and sorry

Some call this experience a near death experience
I call it catching "a cold"

A cold realisation that time is owed
Air is borrowed
That relationships crumble
That tomorrow is just a word
A reminder to stay humble
Immortality in itself is absurd

© .🌹.