Trip To Heaven
There you were in the shaft of sunlight
on a run down estate near a derelict site
and we are the forgotten, the desperate
surving on hope's fumes, choked by hate
and their sneers always dissing us hard.

You in that last remnant of golden shard
that makes your curly hair seem unholy,
and your eyes are sea glass green, wholly
set on me. I know we got the other's back
and we never argue over things we lack,
no, it's only over the essentials we fall out
like sifting through garbage, having nowt
and the endless suffering that we endure.

Honestly, you smile like you are so sure
we shall make it, and I see an angel in you
always resilient and pushing on through.

Your shadow reaches out, merges in mine
and the darkness can be like love, divine
and just as intense if we view it as we do,
unbeaten by despondency, positive view.

Light fades, as all brightness does in time
and you reach out your soft hand to mine
we have to leave, we cannot stay here, no
to aspire to greater keep moving, just go
and reach out ahead. Angel in my head,
saying, "we got this, me and you. C'mon"
we soared to heaven on stuff we were on.

© .Garry Saunders